About Chris

Chris Shea is your best choice of San Francisco DUI lawyers or criminal defense attorneys

Personal Statement

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In 11 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Marin County, I developed a reputation as a tough but fair minded prosecutor who could be counted on to evaluate a case honestly and do the right thing. As a prosecutor, I understood my responsibility was not to seek a conviction in every case but to always work diligently to serve the interests of justice. I developed excellent working relationships with my fellow prosecutors, members of the defense bar and the judges.

I bring this experience to my work as a criminal defense attorney. I understand the needs of my clients and I have an intimate understanding of the criminal justice system. I care about your life and your success, which makes me work harder for you than most San Francisco DUI lawyers.  My background as a prosecutor enhances my ability to effectively negotiate with district attorneys on behalf of my clients.

Professional Experience

In 1996, Chris Shea started his career as an intern at the District Attorney’s Office in Marin County. He became a full-time prosecutor after graduating from law school, and began prosecuting various misdemeanor cases, including driving under the influence, possession of controlled substances and violent crimes, including domestic violence. During his eleven years at the D.A.’s Office, he was promoted through the ranks and tried a variety of felony offenses, including three strikes cases, gang cases, and sexual assaults. He was also tasked with training and supervising new lawyers and eventually was promoted to a coordinator position where he supervised other felony trial attorneys.

Throughout his time at the District Attorney’s Office, he participated in continuing legal education where he was trained by some of the best prosecutors in the state in various aspects of California criminal law. In all, Chris has tried over 40 jury trials to verdict with a very high conviction rate. During his time at the District Attorney’s Office, Chris was regarded as a highly-effective, fair and successful prosecutor. At the time of his departure from that office, he was recognized for his excellence and high standards.

Chris’ experience in the District Attorney’s Office gives him the unique perspective of knowing best how the criminal justice system works from both sides and allows him to favorably and strategically position himself now that he represents the accused against the District Attorney.


Chris Shea was born in San Francisco. He attended St. Ignatius Preparatory High School in San Francisco and then U.C. Berkeley, where he earned a B.A. in Rhetoric in 1990. After working as a paralegal, he attended the University of San Francisco Law School, where he earned his law degree in 1995.