Defense Law – Felony Attorney

Areas of Practice – Felony Attorney in San Francisco

The Law Offices of Christopher J. Shea have extensive experience in handling a wide array of State and Federal Criminal Cases for adults and juveniles, including, but not limited to:

This is not a comprehensive list of the types of cases in which we have experience.  If your case isn’t listed above, don’t worry, we have most likely handled it. You can look at our laundry list of case types here.

Our Services Include:

  • Complimentary initial consultation with no obligation.
  • Provide an honest and objective assessment of the facts and the law involved in the client’s case.
  • Review all facts relating to criminal investigation or prosecution.
  • Interview any and all available witnesses involved in the criminal investigation or prosecution.
  • Determine the relevant background of potential witnesses to fully assess their credibility.
  • Hire private investigators, where appropriate, to fully investigate the facts surrounding the criminal investigation or prosecution.
  • Retain independent laboratories, where appropriate, to evaluate and test any and all scientific, physical and documentary evidence involved in the criminal investigation or prosecution.
  • Retain experts in the relevant fields to examine any and all evidence in the case and provide opinions and testimony in court.
  • Consider all possible motions to exclude evidence and protect the rights of the accused, where appropriate.
  • Conduct hearings to probe the validity of the prosecutor’s case with respect to the Constitutional rights of the client.
  • Negotiate on behalf of my clients with the District Attorney, the court and probation and parole authorities to obtain a favorable result for the client.
  • Defend the client at trial, presenting all favorable evidence and mitigating the incriminating evidence.